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The 9 Angels
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Seohyun’s reaction when Tiffany praised her for “Only U” lyrics

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"Why do you get to decide all of this? I’m the owner of myself… and I’m the owner of my heart. From now on, instead of for anyone else, I want to live for myself. And I want to live how I want to."

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Forever Nine
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"it’s when we’re all together that we can really shine." - jessica jung
you’ll always be part of SNSD and we’ll support you no matter what 

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MC: Think about 10 years from now...
Tiffany: We will still be the best of friends.
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Kim Taeyeon and the killer wink making you cry a han river.

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sunny’s secret guardian angel

Producer of “Jessica & Krystal” + “The TaeTiSeo” surprised at news of Jessica’s departure



Producer Kim Ji Wook, the man in charge of SM Entertainment productions such as “Jessica & Krystal" as well as "The TaeTiSeo" by OnStyle, expressed his surprise at the recent news of Jessica departing from Girls’ Generation. 

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Girls’ Generation leaves Jessica’s part unsung at Shenzhen fan meeting; fans make “J” pink ocean



Girls’ Generation kick-started their China fan meet tour on September 30th in Shenzhen, unfortunately without Jessica who has been confirmed to have left the group earlier today. While it may have seem like a happy event for both fans and the eight members of Girls’ Generation on the outside, it was actually bittersweet.

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BREAKING: Tyler Kwon updates Weibo sending message to Jessica + announces no plan for marriage in near future



Tyler Kwon has updated his Weibo account, sending an encouraging message to Jessica as well as repeating that he has no plans to get married in the near future. 

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☆ sowoneul malhaebwa ☆

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Don’t cry girls……